When you’re in the market for health insurance plans, comparisons between different types of policies and different insurance companies are crucial to you finding the best plan at the best rate.

But what exactly are your choices and how do you compare them?

Choosing the Best Medical Plan

Many types of insurance plans are available for you to choose from. Major options include ..

* Managed care plans such as PPOs and HMOs. With these plans, you choose a health care provider from an approved list. In exchange, you pay lower monthly premiums than other insurance choices. HMOs and PPOs can offer full medical care as well as vision and dental insurance.

* Traditional, comprehensive insurance plans. These plans cost more than HMOs and PPOs, but you can choose any doctor you want. These plans also offer full medical care as well as vision and dental insurance.

* High-deductible plans. These plans cover all your medical bills once you reach the deductible. Until then, you pay all your medical bills. High-deductible plans are often combined with a Medical Savings account.

* Major medical plans. With these plans, you pay for your routine health care needs, with the insurance policy covering only major accidents and illnesses.

The best type of insurance for you depends on such factors as your age and your health status. Someone who is young and healthy may just need a major medical policy. But for someone with potential health problems or a family to take care of, a traditional policy, a PPO, or an HMO might be the best option.

Comparing Policies

Whatever type of policy you choose, the best way to compare policies is to go to an insurance comparison website. These websites let you get quotes from multiple A-rated insurance companies so you can be sure you’re getting the best policy at the best price.

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